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It's Wednesday 11:09 PMSorry, we are closed, please call 111 for out of hour care

Telephone: 01903 243351

Fax: 01903 705804 ( This will be permanently unavailable as of 1st April 2020)

Cancellation Line: 01903 705855 (Please leave a message)

Welcome to Strand Medical website.


Unfortunately today (20.03.20) we have made the decision to close the Surgery doors. Sadly some people have not been following the precautions that we have put into place to keep our staff and other patients safe from the risk of infection from COVID-19, therefore we must now ask patients not to come to the surgery at all, unless you are attending a pre-booked appointment.


If you are wanting an appointment/advice/or need to contact us, please call us on 01903 243351. We are running a telephone triage service for all patients with URGENT medical needs.


If you have an appointment booked within the next few days our team will try and contact you to talk you through the procedure, if we are unable to contact you please ring the buzzer by the front doors and await instructions. Where possible attend alone, if assistance is needed please restrict this to one person.

We are encouraging parents to continue to bring children/book children in for their childhood immunisations. However we do ask that you restrict attendees to one parent per child.


Covid-19 Coronavirus Adur & Worthing Council support for vulnerable patients

Adur & Worthing council are coordinating support for vulnerable people.

They have set up a web form which people can fill in or someone can fill it in on their behalf.  There is a phone line as well but they are asking for this to only be used by anyone who can’t use the internet as they have minimal resource to answer calls.

The web form goes through a series of welfare questions and once complete, will be passed to a local team of responders who will contact them to offer whatever support they need.

If you have staff who are able to go through the form with people and submit it for them, that is the most helpful option.  If not, you can email the weblink to them.  Please, please avoid giving out the number if at all possible otherwise it won’t cope.

This is the link to the web form https://www.adur-worthing.gov.uk/coronavirus/community-support/

In addition – people in the most vulnerable group (those that had a letter) are being supported by West Sussex County Council.  If you have a patient who thinks they should be in that group but they did not get a letter, they can register as ‘extremely vulnerable’ via this link


Covid-19 Adur & Worthing Council Support for Vulnerable Patients

Register for support

There is an online form and phone line to enable people to get in touch with us for help and support. This will prioritise those who might not be in a position to ask for help or have any friends, neighbours and families.

Community support will include help with food, guidance with money (including welfare benefit claims), having someone to talk to, mental health support, safety advice, for example avoiding ‘scams’, and support with accessing digital services.  


Important information regarding your repeat prescription during the Covid-19 outbreak:

Due to an increased demand for prescription items, all pharmacies are currently extremely busy and struggling with demand.

We kindly ask that you:

Allow 1 WEEK between ordering and collecting your repeat prescription (you may order early to allow this to happen)
Only order items that you currently need. Please DO NOT order just in case or stock pile. 
Ask a friend / relative / neighbor to collect if they can and you are in an at risk group (communication sent by NHSE to high risk patients)
Expect to wait outside your pharmacy to be able to collect your prescription and stand the required distance from the next person (2 meters)

Please only phone your surgery or pharmacy regarding your prescription if it is an emergency.
Please bear with us during this difficult time; GP practices and pharmacies are working together to help as soon as they can.

Thank you


ALL requests must be made:

0       via the NHS APP (please download from the app store available for IOS and Android)

     on-line (you need online access, please post a request for online access though our letter box if you do not already have this)

     paper requests posted through the letterbox

     requests can also be made via email cwsccg.strand-prescriptions@nhs.net

PLEASE NOTE: ALL prescriptions will be sent to a pharmacy for collection and we will not accept requests to stock pile medication

Please ensure you write your chosen pharmacy on the hand written or emailed prescription request IF YOU DO NOT they will be sent to Lloyds the Strand for collection – to minimise foot fall, NO PRESCRIPTIONS will be collected from the surgery

Our phone waiting times will inevitably rise with more care being provided on the telephones. Our staffing levels are likely to be depleted and we need to ensure our clinicians can offer assistance to those in most need, including the vulnerable, therefore please bear with us during the foreseeable future, please remember we are here to help and abuse of our staff will not be tolerated.

We will notify you ASAP of any changes to this policy. You can find information about Coronavirus on the NHS website https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/coronavirus-covid-19/


Advice for Managing Covid-19 Coronavirus at Home

10 Top Tips

Early recognition – any new continuous cough or fever (temperature ≥37.8oC) could be COVID-19 Coronavirus.

Don’t panic – most people will be able to self-manage without contacting 111. Everyone needs to follow simple steps to reduce their symptoms and avoid infecting others.

Get educated – If you think you have symptoms then you should go online to check your symptoms using  NHS 111 online  DO NOT go to the GP practice or A&E. Only phone 999 if you feel it is an emergency. Telephone 111 only if you cannot access the Internet. If you have to phone 111, be aware that there may be quite a wait but it is important to hang on for as long as it takes for them to answer.

Self-isolate – stop the virus spreading by self-isolating for 7 days from the onset of symptoms and follow information on NHS Self Isolation on how to do this. Effective self-isolation will stop your friends and family getting infected (see picture). You do not need to contact your GP or 111 in order to self-isolate. You are not required to produce a sick certificate (Med3) in order to self-isolate You can now print off an automated sick note from the 111 Coronavirus site to cover up to 14 of days self-isolation. https://111.nhs.uk/isolation-note/

Rest, paracetamol (not ibuprofen or aspirin) and plenty of fluids are crucial especially with fever – Avoid alcohol. Water, diluted juice or fruit juice are ideal.  Aim for regular clear or mildly yellow urine and to be able to pee every 4 hours, except when asleep at night. If you have not passed urine in over 4 hours, have dark yellow urine, feel thirsty or dizzy on standing then there is a high chance you are dehydrated and you need to drink lots more as a priority.

Food is less important than fluids – if able to eat, have lots of fruit and vegetables as these will help your immune system fight the infection.

Stop certain medications – some drugs are unsafe when you are unwell, especially ones to lower your blood pressure, and anti-inflammatories. Look at the ‘Sick Day Rules’ card for more information (below).

Get support – call family/friends/community members and ask them to deliver supplies. However, people in the same house as you do need to self-isolate even if they have no symptoms.

For children follow advice from When Should I Worry Website

You can return to work after 7 days if you are improving but do not need to be symptom free. Contact 111 if you are not improving after 7 days.

Diabetics should also refer to the diabetic sick day rules available on the Diabetes UK website




Please see information on the Public Health website –


What is coronavirus?

A coronavirus is a type of virus. As a group, coronaviruses are common across the world. Typical symptoms of coronavirus include fever and a cough that may progress to a severe pneumonia causing shortness of breath and breathing difficulties.

Generally, coronavirus can cause more severe symptoms in people with weakened immune systems, older people, and those with long-term conditions like diabetes, cancer and chronic lung disease.

Wuhan novel coronavirus is a new strain of coronavirus first identified in Wuhan City, China.

If you develop symptoms

If you develop a fever, cough, runny nose, sore throat or difficulty breathing, you should continue to follow the advice above. Please do not leave your home until you been given advice by a clinician. Please visit the 111 website HERE for more advice.


Based in Goring-by-Sea, we are an 8 Doctor strong GP Practice offering GP and Nurse consultations and a variety of other primary health care services.

Please use the navigation system or the ‘quick visual tiles’ on the right to find out more about our practice, the clinics and services we offer to our patients. View more about our opening hours, our appointment system, how to order repeat prescriptions and a wealth of other useful information.


IMPROVEMENTS TO ACCESS – Hearing impairment


The Strand Medical is delighted to announce that we have made a big step forward in how patients who are hard of hearing can access our service. We have recently employed a new staff member who is trained in British Sign Language, this means that any patient or carer who has a hearing impairment has another avenue for accessing and using our service. With your consent, the staff member can also be present in consultations to assist you and our medical teams.

As a surgery we always take on board feedback and are constantly looking at ways to improve our service, we believe this is a step forward in the right direction for both the surgery and for patients.

For more information please contact the surgery. Please note: Whilst the staff member is very flexible please bear in mind they work shifts, therefore a mutual agreement will need to be reached with regards to appointment dates and times.

Thank you.

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