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How do I see or speak to a doctor?


Gone are the days of patients fighting to get an appointment at 08:00. We have removed the option of free for all open booking which often meant that those patients that wanted an appointment got one at the expense of those that truly needed one. 

We now operate a telephone triage system which is staffed by a Duty Team. We appreciate this approach may not suit everyone, however we are aware (via surveys and speaking with our patients) that the vast majority welcome this change as it means every caller that day is dealt with appropriately…and no one has to wait over 2 weeks for an appointment.

You can now contact the surgery by:

  • Telephone – generally for urgent on the day matters
  • E-Consult – web-based forms for less urgent health matters or other queries, this will save you having to wait in the telephone queue
  • Email – you can request repeat medication via email, please see the ‘How do I’ section of our website for more information (for safety reasons we do not accept prescription requests over the telephone) 
  • In person – if none of the above are available to you, you can call in and speak to the receptionist, but please remember that they are there primarily to help patients with appointments.

Patients call the surgery and speak to a receptionist, (Under the doctors instructions, the receptionist will not be able to book an appointment with a doctor for you), they will take some details and pass them to one of our Duty Team members who will review your case and decide on the best way forwards. You will be contacted that day, we cannot state when during the day as we need to assess the urgency of all cases. If however you have a specific request, please feel free to mention this to a receptionist and we will do our best to accommodate it.

You will then be offered one of the following:


  • A telephone consultation – thus saving you the inconvenience of having to take time off work, or be away from home and travel to the surgery. If this results in a prescription we can now send them electronically to a Pharmacy of your choice, again saving you the inconvenience of collecting it from the surgery.


  • A video consultation – Our Duty team may feel that a video call is required to visualise certain conditions. As with a telephone consultation this can be done without the need to come into the surgery.


  • A face to face consultation – If the Duty member feels it necessary, they will invite you in for a face to face consultation, usually that day. You will be seen by either a Doctor or a Nurse Practitioner, for your assurance our experienced Nurses can diagnose conditions and some can prescribe. Often a Nurse is better suited to see certain conditions as it falls within their skillset.


  • A home visit – we employ 2 paramedic practitioners, they will call you on the morning ahead of your planned visit. Please note home visits take time, therefore they tend to be reserved for the elderly, housebound or end of life patients. Again our Paramedics have extensive knowledge and are ideally placed to respond quickly.


During busy periods we may switch our telephone message over to Urgent cases only, this means we have reached our capacity to deal with non-urgent cases, you will be invited to call back the next day or complete an E-Consult, these simple to use web based forms are available on this website. A member of the team will review your request and acknowledge it within 24 working hours.  

Surgery line: 01903 243351. 


Cancelling & rescheduling appointments:

If you cannot attend your given appointment please call 01903 243351 to cancel or reschedule. On average 60 people a month fail to turn up for their appointments without informing us. Alternatively, you may leave a message on our cancellation line on 01903 705855.


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